Step Up Your Swimsuit Game

Embrace Red, Bold Prints and Colours

Trade in a traditional bikini bottom for a high-waisted retro look.

Enhance the look with a mesh cover-up.

Colour block for a simple but vibrant alternative.

If you would like to slim your hips and draw attention to your bust, try pairing a printed top with a solid bottom. This works well for those who have a smaller bust to him ratio.

Wearing the right one piece can create or accentuate an hourglass figure for anyone. Choose a piece with ruching at the waist of the suit to distract the eye from any lumps and bumps. Hide away your insecurities and embrace your swimsuit. Coloured panels on the sides of a one piece can also create a slimming effect.

If you want to minimise your bust and draw attention to your bottom, try pairing a solid top with a printed bottom. This works for those who have a larger bust to hip ratio and want to distract from a larger bust and emphasise their hips or want to draw attention to the hips in order to balance shape. Prints draw attention and add volume, therefore wearing prints where you want more attention and solid where you want less is a great way to balance your body shape and up your confidence.

High-waisted bottoms are the new trend this summer, distracting from the top, accentuating the waist and drawing attention to the hips to lengthen legs. High-waisted bottoms often suit that who have a larger upper body than lower, and emphasis on the hips is desired. Any swim-pant that sits at your natural waistline will draw attention to the smallest part of your midsection. However, this also draws attention to the hips and pelvis area which isn’t so good for hiding the stomach. This is where the magic of high-waisted pants comes in. Most of the attention is now draw downwards, distracting from a larger bust and balancing shapes. It also covers any lumps and bumps and is a must in order to achieve a retro summer look.

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