What you need in your Holiday Beach Bag

You’re all booked to go on that holiday you’ve been waiting for. But then you realise you don’t know what you should be packing for your beach and poolside essentials. We’ve got you covered with all the essentials that should be in your beach bag. Let’s discuss.

Beach Bag

First are foremost, the all-important beach bag. Get yourself started for your holiday with the perfect beach bag from Splash Swimwear. We have different shapes, styles and sizes to match your swimsuit!

Sandals and Jandels

Stop by and grab a pair of Billabong jandels, or get 50% off on our Holster beach sandals. We have lots of new brands in this season and they’ve been a real hit! Our Billabong jandels are the perfect accessory for the pool and the beach. Easy to slip on and off when getting in and out of the pool or when you want a romantic stroll down the beach. No need to think about lace ups when the water is inviting you in.


Sunscreen is absolutely crucial for any time you plan to spend in the sun. Make sure you keep your skin protected on your holiday, especially if you’re going to the islands. The sun can be brutal to the skin, especially if you want to relax on the beach or lounge beside the pool for a few hours. Nobody wants to be burnt on the first day and be left to struggle through the pain for the rest of the holiday. Slip, slop, slap that sunscreen on.

Bikini or Swimsuit

We’ve got fun colours and prints, sexy and flattering cuts, the perfect bikini or swimsuit for you! Each of our bikinis and swimsuits are picked to appeal to you. Who better to understand a kiwi woman than a kiwi swimsuit specialist? The team at Splash Swimwear will ensure you find the perfect swimsuit, whether it be a one piece or two, and make you feel at ease! We understand how hard it is to have to bare it all and our aim is to make your experience as painful as possible.

Drop in and let us help you find what you’re looking for. The perfect suit for your holiday!

Water Bottle

Keep hydrated is a must! Though it may start sounding like a broken record, it’s all within good reason. Ensure that you’re carrying a water bottle and stay hydrated while out in the heat as it is the safest way to keep your body cool. The sun can drain a lot out of you, especially when it is bearing down on you on you island holiday, sometimes more than we tend to realise. Adding a water bottle to your beach bag is a quick and easy way to ensure that you’ll stay hydrated all day, and there’s no worry that you’ll forget to purchase one during you busy day.

Resort Wear and Mesh Wraps

The perfect final addition to your beach bag is resort wear or a mesh wrap. It’s always handy to have a quick and light cover up because plans can change quickly when you’re on holiday. One minute you may be lounging on the beach or poolside, and the next you decide to hit the streets. Splash Swimwear have a wide range of resort wear and mesh wraps that are the perfect extra that you can throw on and explore in. Keep yourself covered up but leave enough skin showing to feel sexy and free whether it be a stroll through the streets or a walk down the beach. Show off you fun fashionista side and add a cover up to your beach bag!

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