-Lenses repel blue light which cause eye fatigue. Cuts surface glare for open water swimming.

-Lenses are light enough for the dark days, and dark enough for the bright days.

-Better vision so you can see more of what's around you when in the water.

-Super soft medical grade silicone is unique to our goggles. Allows for an extremely comfortable and super soft fit around the eyes for a more pleasing swim and won’t cause headaches like traditional swim goggles.


Anti fog solution is injected into the lenses during the manufacturing process as opposed to being an added treatment on just the surface of the lenses. This allows for an unparalleled anti-fog unprecedented to our competitors due to the long lasting, high quality nature of our anti-fog process.


-Pull the two back straps to tighten and then pull strap buckle away from your head to loosen.

- Lenses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

- Fits over the crown of your head to keep goggle securely in place

Zoggs Phantom Elite Polarized Ultra Goggles

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